Ian Loche Project

Hard Rock From the Hills of Tennessee

Ian Loche Project  is a Solo Album Series by an East Tennessee multi-talented  Performing and Studio Musician, John-O McLellan.  The name Ian Loche is a Ghost of a Scottish Musician and ( Whiskey) Cooper who settled in the Tennessee Appalachains in 1782. Ian Loche worked and made Music with Mountain Moonshiners that laid down the roots of Mountain Music. The Ghost of Ian Loche can be seen and heard playing haunting music in the Tennessee Appalachian Mountains. By the way this Tale was invented for a Short Story written by John-O McLellan. The McLellan Clan began in Kirkcudbright Scotland.  John-O is close to his Scottish Heritage. He feels at home when traveling in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness, and of course Kirkcudbright Scotland.

 ILP's "American Dreampyre" is the debut album for the series of Rock Genre Music composed and written by John-O McLellan. He played most of the instruments during the recording of the Album which included: Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Drums, Four-String Bass, And all Vocals. John-O invited several accomplished Musician Friends or "Muzikans" that are well-known in the East Tennessee, S/W Virginia  Music Scene to record tracks on the album. These Great Musicians  include,  Rock, Funk, and Metal Bassist, Bill Abercrombie, also known as " Black Jesus," recorded Five String Bass parts,  Jazz/Blues Keyboardist, Randall Sword recorded Piano and Synthesizers on several Tracks. Disc Jockey and TV Music Show Host,  Chris Reddick also known as "D.J. Redd" tracked a few Turn-Tables layers on a couple of songs. And finally, the well-known Multi-Talented Musician, Producer, and  Sound Engineer, Tony Rominger, played all Woodwinds, "The Pipes,"  Harmonica, and Background Vocals on several songs for the ILP Album. Tony Rominger and John-O McLellan both Co-Produced the entire Ian Loche Project  "American Dreampyre"  Album. It was recorded at Tony's studio called "Note-Orious Sound" near Johnson City, Tennessee.  John-O stated: " Everyone on this adventurous underground music project  were versatile players that I trusted would give it their all." "I was happy with the end result plus," " We all had a blast so it did not feel like work, It was more like making an Audio Frankenstein!"  Several Songs are on a few compilation CDs including  ROCK-4-LIFE which features the track "Got Faith."  Please check your favorite On-Line Music Store for the other Bands listed  on this Compilation Compact Disc.        

John-O McLellan is probably best known as the Singing  Drummer for past bands like "Sacred Void" and "Crystal Vision."  He was with Crystal Vision for about 10 years until Guitarist John Harder and Singer/Keyboardist Marsena Ratliff were tragically robbed and murdered. The ILP " American Dreampyre"  album title was coined by John-O to represent this terrible loss of his close Friends, Band, and Dream.  John-O has been in the Rock/Metal and Roots Music Scene in the "Five State Region " for decades. You can often find him playing in the East Tennessee area playing in some Power Trios or with a Rootsy, Bluegrass, Rockin' Jam Band called " BloodKin Band." He also has been working in Television Production  and TV News Directing for many years.  John-O resides with his Family outside the Tri-Cities, Tennessee area in the mountains. He has a passion for classic Harley- Davidson and Indian Motorcycles, Jeeps, Micro-Brews, and....... "Rockin' the Hills of Tennessee."

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